How to stay young and reduce your metabolic age!

metabolic aging

Do you feel years older than your actual age?

Do you look older than your actual age?

You may have seen the “How to stay young” program on BBC1 and, like the people involved in the experiment on aging, you may be worried about how you are aging. Most people are concerned about how their skin looks and how their hair or their body may be changing.  However, not so many think about their metabolic age.  Metabolic age may be a lot older than biological age which is affected by lifestyle and diet.

Metabolic age is calculated using your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Your BMR is dependant on your age, height, weight, gender and activity level.  These factors are used to establish the approximate number of calories you would burn in a day in order for your body to function when at rest.
The slimmer you are, the higher the BMR and the lower your metabolic age in comparison to someone with the same variables in age, height, weight, gender and chronological age but with more body fat.

During the TV program, three participants saw amazing improvements over a 12 week period. And this was despite one of the participants having type 2-diabetes and another with a metabolic age 40 years more than his chronological age!  Admittedly, this was with undertaking major changes in lifestyle as well as in diet. However, it shows that making small changes over a period of time can make a tremendous difference to health and wellbeing!

Managing diabetes, losing weight, reducing inflammation and better managing stress can significatly improve how you age and that includes how your skin looks and feels.

If you would like to find out your metabolic age and get some guidance on how to change your diet and lifestyle to ensure you age gracefully, take charge now and get in touch!  Alternatively, you might be interested in our retreat during which you can have improve all of the above and de-stress and feel the years drop away!