Nutritional Therapy Sessions

What will a Nutritional Therapy session typically involve?

If you are looking to feel more energised, more vibrant and comfortable in your body, making small changes to your diet and lifestyle can make a big difference to how you feel. If you have been living with dis-ease for a number of years, it may take a few months to bring about lasting change. We are all unique and our requirements likewise. From my experience, if you are looking to bring about lasting change, committing to a package that provides you with the support you need is the way forward!

  • All packages include an initial 90 minute Consultation to go over your medical questionnaire and 3-day food diary which you will have completed prior to the session in order to get as clear a picture of your particular situation. We will review your symptoms, medical history, family history, a dietary and lifestyle assessment.
  • A full body composition analysis will be carried out: weight, BMI, visceral and body fat%, muscle mass, bone mass, hydration and metabolic age (unless you don’t want to know!).
  • a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan appropriate to your particular situation will be devised. Practical ideas for recipes and menus will be discussed with you and these will be reviewed in follow-up sessions.
  • Your goals will be negotiated at each session in order to support you to achieve your aims for health or weight-loss and coaching to support you to make the changes and to help you feel empowered to make the adjustments.
  • E-mail support is offered in all packages with regards to supplement use.
  • Supplements and testing will be discussed if appropriate. This could be as simple as a test to establish vitamin D status or zinc status to testing for parasitic infections, hormone testing, gluten or food intolerance testing. There are dozens of tests that could be carried out to help ascertain the presence of any suspected underlying conditions if required.
  • Any supplements or functional testing suggested to fast forward progress are offered with a discount on RRP.

Health isn’t just about eating well. It’s also about changing habits and that can be hard and it can take time. This is why I ask clients to work with me for at least 10 weeks. We can meet monthly, fortnightly or weekly depending on what level of support you feel you need. Give me a call to discuss how we can work together!

  • This is for self-starters who are ready to commit to improving their health!
  • If you are confident you can follow through on the changes, or you if you already have a healthy lifestyle which you would like to tailor to specific health goals, then this is the programme for you.
  • We will have monthly face-to-face contact.
  • This is for you if the time has come to take back control of your health!
  • It includes regular, personalised support, every two weeks, to address your specific health goals.
  • This programme includes coaching to help identify personal challenges and overcome barriers to change.
  • We will have fortnightly face-to-face contact

Making simple changes to my diet has given me so much more energy…John

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