How to overcome emotional trauma and recover health

Emotional trauma can have a major affect on chronic disease risk in adulthood. Trauma and adverse childhood events (ACEs) experienced in childhood and caused by parental divorce, separation, addiction, neglect, physical, mental or sexual abuse have been shown to be clearly correlated to an increase risk of numerous health issues. This was demonstrated in the CDC-Kaiser ACE Study, which is one of the largest studies on childhood abuse and neglect and the impact this can have on later-life health and wellbeing. ACEs can be one-off incident or can be on going traumatic events.

It is now recognised that attachment trauma which can occur between birth and the age of three can also impact on health in adulthood as can inter-generational inherited trauma.

Hippocrates stated over two thousand years ago, that: “All disease begins in the gut”. How right he was! It is now understood that even psychological stress can impact the gut micro-biome, which in turn impacts how the immune system and the neurotransmitters are activated. The micro-biome affects how we absorb our nutrients and what cytokines are produced, whether they are pro or anti –inflammatory, whether we are at increase risk of gut permeability or how we handle stress.

By following your gut feeling and resolving physical and emotional issues can lead to vastly improved health and wellbeing.