Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME


Do you suffer from constant fatigue and brain fog? Are you waking up feeling exhausted? Suffering from worsening headaches or unexplained pains, or feeling stressed for no obvious reason?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME – what is it?

It is best described as chronic exhaustion accompanied by many other symptoms including dizziness, aching muscles, headaches and brain fog. Any number of causes can tip you into chronic fatigue or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). The term ME tends to be used if the main symptoms impact the brain. Myalgia is a medical term for muscle pain whilst encephalomyelitis is inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. But both terms are now used interchangeably. You may be ‘labeled’ as suffering from CFS and ME if you have had chronic fatigue for at least 6 months.  The thing to remember is you can get better!

Any number of causes can tip you into CFS/ME but it is most often a viral infection. Hence why C-19 has led to an increase in cases presenting with chronic exhaustion amongst other symptoms.

Does this sound like you?

* I feel exhausted all the time
* I have muscle pain for no reason
* My tummy reacts to everything I eat
* Concentrating or thinking straight is difficult
* I sleep badly and wake up tired
* I’m exhausted but my mind is always racing
* I feel anxious for no reason
* I’m constantly getting headaches

If so, you ‘ve come to the right place. With support you can take back control of your health and wellbeing. My goal is to empower you to take charge of your recovery in a safe and supportive way in order to can accelerate your path to health.

I’m an accredited Chronic Fatigue, ME and Fibromyalgia specialist Recovery Practitioner and ILM accredited Wellbeing Coach. I also work alongside the Chrysalis Effect Recovery Programme.
I support you in looking at eight key areas that you have to address in order to fully recover. I help you to understand the causes and what it takes to recover. It isn’t always easy to change the habits of a lifetime but by working together I can support you to look beneath the symptoms, to understand what is going on and why this has happened to you.

How can I support you?

It isn’t always easy to change the habits of a lifetime and this is when Wellbeing Coaching can be so helpful. Wellbeing Coaching can help you to unblock the hidden barriers to change. For more info on how coaching can help you, go to:Wellbeing Coaching
Nutritional Therapy can help you to resolve gut issue and food intolerances. Small changes to diet may help to alleviate anxiety, depression or low-energy. When appropriate, I can also guide you to diagnostic tests that can shed light on what may be going on to help understand contributory factors.

If you feel there is an emotional component to be resolved which is impacting your recovery, I can support you in exploring this through Wellbeing Coaching. By working within a cross referral team, I can also find the most suitable therapist within the Chrysalis Effect to support you in different ways when required. To find out more about how the Chrysalis Effect Recovery Programme can support you go to

By looking at the eight key areas that have to be addressed in order to fully recover, I help you to understand the causes of your symptoms. And, most importantly, what action you can take in order to move forwards.

I’m based in Bristol where I can see you in person and I also offer on-line consultations. Email me or give me a call to book a free 30-minute health appraisal or discuss how I might be able to help you.