Be free of type-2 diabetes through diet!


If you are feeling constantly thirsty, have a dry mouth, need to pee frequently, feel tiered and headachy, have numbness in the hands and feet and feel constantly hungry and craving sweet foods these may be signs that you are at risk of developing type-2 diabetes.  10% of the global population is now diabetic due to our sedentary lifestyle and high calorific but low nutrient value diets.

I’m sure you will have heard about the latest research showing ‘success’ in reversing type-2 diabetes using a liquid diet for 3 to 5 months followed by long-term support delivered via GP practices.  The success rate was less than half the participants (45.6%) reversing their diabetes after 12 months compared to the 4% who achieve remission with standard care.  Uhm… not very good either way!  In fact, the results are less impressive than the very low-carb diet results.  And should we be encouraging people away from real food?  Isn’t that precisely what has led to this whole health fiasco in the first place?

Whilst we argue as to which is the best diet for diabetes reversal, one in 3 school children in the UK are leaving primary school over-weight or suffering from obesity, which is a major contributory factor to type-2 diabetes. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Did you know that simply avoiding certain fats such as sunflower oil or corn oil could make a difference to your blood sugar levels? And did you know that even so called ‘healthy’ foods can be so full of the wrong type of fats and sugar that they cause high blood sugar?

We aspire to live life longer but what we really need to do is live life and remain healthy!

If that is what you want then why not take preventative action?  Join a small group to learn about healthy eating and lifestyle measures to prevent the development of type-2 diabetes in a supportive environment.   Drop me an e-mail to register your interest now! If no groups are currently running contact me for a one-to-one programme. Prevention is better than cure!