Could gluten cause my symptoms?

So could gluten cause my symptoms? Often, it won’t even occur to people that there could be a link between what they are eating and their symptoms. So when you ask could gluten cause my symptom the simple answer is

Genetic testing

Genetic testing to support health

Genetic testing to support health Your genes are your tendency not your destiny. Are you worried about your future health?  Do you feel unable to wind down and relax? Are you tired of being tired all the time, or suffering


Chickpea, fennel and olive salad

This is a lovely healthy salad, very quick to make and it can easily be adapted to your taste. From Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls’ River Cottage ‘Much more Veg’ book which I love and which manages to make veg really nice!


Why do I feel bloated after eating?

Why do I feel bloated after eating? Why do I have abdominal pain, diarrhoea or general discomfort after a meal? There are ways of alleviating symptoms at the very least or even achieving relief altogether by getting to the root-cause.