Is the vegan diet just for January?

Oh it is so confusing out there with all these arguments about what is the healthiest diet! So what is the real story here? There are claims that the vegan diet is the best as vegans enjoy lower: heart disease rates


Why diets fail and what to do to succeed!

If you are looking to better weight management without having to spend your life constantly thinking about the calories or how many ‘sins’ you have indulged in, you’ve come to the right place.

Testing for coeliac disease

Simtomax finger-prick test for celiac disease.

Do you suffer from IBS type symptoms, loss of energy, ‘foggy’ mind, depression, anxiety, or an autoimmune condition? It just might be gluten! Simtomax is a finger-prick test which indicates if your symptoms might be down to a gluten related issue.  Simple to use,

Nori sticks

Nori wrapped energy sticks

  Print Recipe Nori wrapped energy sticks Super healthy Nori wrapped energy sticks! Prep Time10 minsTotal Time10 mins Course: Snack Ingredients1 tbsp sunflower seeds1 tbsp almonds1 tbsp flax seed or lin seed1 tbsp pumpkin seeds1 tbsp walnuts1 tbsp sesame seeds2