Could it be long-COVID?

What are the symptoms of long COVID, why do some people take so long to recover and what role do viruses play? If you have symptoms for many months following a Covid infection you may be given the diagnosis of


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME

Do you suffer from constant fatigue? Are you waking up feeling exhausted? Suffering from worsening headaches or unexplained pains, or feeling stressed for no obvious reason? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME – what is it? It is best described as


Why do I feel bloated after eating?

Why do I feel bloated after eating? Why do I have abdominal pain, diarrhoea or general discomfort after a meal? There are ways of alleviating symptoms at the very least or even achieving relief altogether…


Could gluten cause my symptoms?

Often, it won’t even occur to people that there could be a link between what they are eating and their symptoms. Gluten could cause symptoms that seem unrelated to what you eat.

Why-diets-fail-and-what-to-do-to succeed

Why diets fail and how to lose weight

If you are looking to better weight management without having to spend your life constantly thinking about the calories or how many ‘sins’ you have indulged in, you’ve come to the right place.

Woman receiving a vaccine

Do vaccines impact long-term health?

Do vaccines impact long-term health? A study published end of 2020, evaluating the frequency of GP consultations amongst the vaccinated compared to unvaccinated children over 10 years.

Emotional trauma and impact on health

Emotional trauma and impact on health. Trauma and adverse childhood events (ACEs) experienced in childhood have been shown to have a major affect on chronic disease risk in adulthood

metabolic aging

How to stay young and reduce your metabolic age!

Do you feel years older than your actual age? Do you look older than your actual age? You may have seen the “How to stay young” program on BBC1 and, like the people involved in the experiment on aging…


Vegan diet: make it perfectly healthy!

Oh it is so confusing out there with all these arguments about what is the healthiest diet! So what is the real story here? How do you make a vegan diet perfectly healthy? What are the benefits of a vegan…

Lose weight, slash T2D and AD risk

Do you want to lose weight, successfully slash your risk of T-2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s? If you are looking to lose weight, slash T2D and AD risk then the answer is to ditch the carbs!

Genetic testing

Genetic testing to support health

Genetic testing to support health Your genes are your tendency not your destiny. Are you worried about your future health? Do you feel unable to wind down and relax?


Chickpea, fennel and olive salad

This is a lovely healthy salad, very quick to make and it can easily be adapted to your taste. From Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls’ River Cottage ‘Much more Veg’ book which I love and which manages to make veg really nice!

Eating for health & weight management

Are you looking for a long-term solution to weight management?? If you would like better weight-management then join us. If you have digestive issues or low energy then this group is also for you.

Homocysteine - why- they-matter

Homocysteine levels – why it matters

Homocysteine levels and why it matters Your homocysteine level is a marker for health and CVD. Knowing your homocysteine level can be an indicator of risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD)…

Why were sweeteners damned in latest study?

Why were sweeteners damned in latest study? Did you know that sweeteners are actually bad for you? Sugar has been rightly condemned for the obesity epidemic. But have we replaced one problem…

Is turmeric really as good as they say?

Most people think of turmeric as just a spice used in Indian cooking which makes food very yellow and has a fairly mild flavour. It has recently hit the headlines because the latest research confirms…