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Nutritional Therapy & Wellbeing Coaching

Nutritional-Matters is a Bristol-based nutritional therapy clinic offering one-to-one consultations and online sessions. Lucy provides nutritional advice, support and coaching to help you look and feel great every day!

Bristol Wellbeing Coach and Nutritional Therapist

I am extremely impressed by the fact that Lucy bases almost everything she recommends on current scientific research. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in nutrition is formidable of course, yet she clearly also keeps up-to-date with current research. The inflammation in my hips and shoulder joints has been reduced significantly. Pain has now receded into the background… Mario
Why-diets-fail-and-what-to-do-to succeed

Why diets fail and what to do to succeed!

If you are looking to better weight management without having to spend your life constantly thinking about the calories or how many ‘sins’ you have indulged in, you’ve come to the right place. ...
Depression and Anxiety

Depression or anxiety? Food helps mood!

Although mental health affecting one out of four people is often in the news, the link between diet, low mood, depression and anxiety is rarely spoken about. ...

Be free of type-2 diabetes through diet!

What are the warning signs of type-2 diabetes? Are you are feeling constantly thirsty, have a dry mouth, need to pee frequently? Do you feel tiered and headachy, have numbness in the hands and feet... ...
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