Nutritional Therapy, Wellbeing Coaching, & EFT


Nourish. Release. empower

How can Nutritional Therapy, Wellbeing Coaching & EFT nourish, release and empower YOU?

You have too much on your plate. You are trying to please everyone, and this is leaving you feeling exhausted. In addition to which you have all these irritating symptoms, and you’re feeling frustrated that you don’t know what is causing them.

You don’t know what foods trigger your gut issues, why you feel bloated and uncomfortable or anxious and depressed. And you’d just love to be able to wake up one day feeling refreshed.

You may know what you want to do, who you want to be but something is blocking you.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

I can help you to find a resolution to unexplained pains and fatigue, to help you feel energised and to feel free to eat without fear. 

I can help you to become unblocked. To feel nourished, release the unconscious barriers to change and to feel empowered.

By looking at your diet and lifestyle, I can support you in resolving the root cause of symptoms (many more than the ones mentioned above!). Using a combination of nutritional therapy, wellbeing coaching and EFT you can start to feel so much better.


Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy can support you to find a resolution to any number of health issues. Find out how I can help you to explore root cause to accelerate your return to health or simply for better weight management.

Coaching & EFT

Wellbeing Coaching and EFT are different tools that help you to break down the barriers to what is stopping you from being the best you can be. To explore, to challenge negative self-talk and to empower you to achieve your goals, helping you to shift unconscious beliefs and emotions.

Functional Testing

Carrying out functional tests can help to give clarity on what is going on. These can be simple and inexpensive tests such as checking Vitamin D levels to much more complex tests that are not available on the NHS. I can help you find which tests may be beneficial to you.

Programmes & Courses

Unsure if working one to one is for you? Programmes and courses can be an alternative way of learning how to support yourself through nutrition and access expert guidance. Click to find out what is available.

Lucy Harper Nutritional Therapist Wellbeing Coach

Giving you the tools to succeed

My aim is to empower you to be able to take charge of your health. Nutritional therapy, wellbeing coaching and EFT can be truly transformative. I’ll offer health advice that is effective and sustainable that prioritises your long-term health goals. And I can teach you the tools to support you to make the changes you’d like to see.

My Approach

My approach is tailor made to your needs.

In Nutritional Therapy,  I’d look at how your diet and lifestyle are affecting how you feel. I’d consider your nutritional imbalances and offer testing if necessary. I’d help you to understand what may be contributing to your specific symptoms or individual health concerns.

We might use some coaching techniques to help you to implement the changes or to look at the underlying issues that may be sabbotaging your desires for change.

Or we might use EFT to explore the unconscious beliefs and emotions that may be hindering change. Sometimes we need more than a healthy diet and lifestyle balance to achieve full health!

We’ll work collaboratively to ensure that the recommendations are practical and achievable.

Having Trouble Finding a Nutritious Balance? Struggling With Unexplained Pains?

You’re Not Alone, I’m Here to Help!




Your help has completely changed my life for the better and if more people find you and can get the help they need then that’s great! I’ve also changed my job so I’m active all day every day and I no longer eat any junk food snacks to get me through the day, which is fantastic!   ~Sarah

“Lucy made me feel very comfortable immediately and this meant I was able to be open about all the problems I was having. She has been so supportive in following up how I am and best of all finding solutions to all my queries or questions. She is knowledgeable and is able to provide explanations so I can understand why my symptoms were occurring. I am now able to live a normal life and not feel sick, have pain or be exhausted.”    ~India

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