Nutritional Therapy Sessions

What will a Nutritional Therapy session typically involve?

  • You will normally have been sent a health and nutrition questionnaire that you will have filled out prior to the session to save time.
  • A review of your complete health history including current concerns, symptoms, family history and use of medication will be carried out.
  • Your diet and lifestyle will be assessed as well as your nutritional status.
  • Your individual needs based on nutritional science will be evaluated and a personalized, safe and effective nutrition and lifestyle programme to help you achieve your goals will be discussed and negotiated with you.
  • You may be offered functional testing if deemed appropriate. This could be as simple as a test to establish vitamin D status or zinc status to testing for parasitic infections, hormone testing, gluten or food intolerance testing. There are dozens of tests that could be carried out to help ascertain the presence of any suspected underlying conditions if required.
  • Supplements may be suggested to hasten improvements.

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