Can Nutritional Therapy Help

Can Nutritional Therapy help me?

Nutritional therapy is a complementary therapy that works well alongside conventional medicine.

As well as those looking to enhance their general health and wellbeing, nutritional therapy aims to benefit people with sub-optimal health or long-term health issues.

It is evidence-based practice that assesses your requirements on an individual basis.

The application of the functional medicine model in nutritional therapy looks at the whole person and investigates different body functions and how they relate to each other to gain a more complete health picture.  It looks at your nutritional imbalances and takes into consideration how these may be contributing to your specific symptoms or individual health concerns.

As a qualified nutritional therapist and nutritionist, I know that diet and lifestyle are factors that have a profound influence on both body and mind. But nutritional therapy is more than just giving you guidelines for healthy eating; what is good for one person doesn’t necessarily work for everyone!

You may have low energy, weight issues or need help with uncomfortable digestive symptoms. You may want to improve your skin or may be feeling ‘flat’ or stressed or depressed.  It can just take a few simple tweaks to your diet to help you control your blood sugar balance and rebalance your hormones.

Nutritional therapy can help you feel so much better! Call me to find out how I can help you!

Sometimes symptoms of depression, fatigue and irritability often manifest themselves before the onset of physical diseases. Current research shows that your brain, gut and nervous system work together in creating your body’s overall physical health – so it’s important to ensure you get the nutrients you need.  This not only improves your physical health, but has a real effect on your mental health too.

Nutritional therapy aims to achieve optimum levels of energy, healthy blood sugar balance, physical and emotional wellbeing through a personalised programme.

I offer dietary analysis or testing services depending on your issues.  Often test are simple and cost very little. Interpreting the results correctly and taking appropriate action can have an enormous beneficial impact on your health.  I look at the bigger picture and suggest sensible, practical steps towards helping you reclaim your health.

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